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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

Seeing the destruction mice and rats do living in the country here in the Midwest, I've never had any "feelings" for a rodent other than how to dispatch of it. I'm fully prepared to be tagged cold hearted but that can't be further from the truth. I'm just a realist and have a full grasp on this thing called life. Have a mouse chew wiring up in your house or have your vehicle not start because a rat gnawed the wiring harness up, it gets pretty easy to feed them to a snake. Now rabbits and squirrels are quite tough for me to feed to a snake. I get pretty jealous because I'm not eating them.

I have been to a lot of slaughter houses over the years and I won't describe the process. I know too many people enjoy their Big Mac's and 12 ounce Ribeye's, don't want to ruin that for anyone.

The one post about feeding snakes eggs. I've been to a lot of those operations too. I will refrain from details on that also other than a layer at the end of her egg production life cannot walk and Campbell's Soup is a staple we have all enjoyed for years.
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