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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

I just got my first snake this week on the 1st. A beautiful Sand Boa. You'll love him or her. As for feeding I understand the feeling. However as you said this is Nature and best to think of it as food. At the very least in the case of your snake, nothing goes to waste like when we eat beef or chicken. The snake utilizes nutrients from every part of the food that it is fed.

As one person mentioned there are other snakes that you can get that do not feed on rodents but they all come with some manor of feeding on protein of some sort.

Garter snakes for instance will feed on little fish. (If you go this route do your research you have to watch out for thiaminese i think is the word. Some fish contain a chemical that can cause deficiencies in the snake.)
There are egg eating snakes, though at times it can be hard to find appropriately sized eggs for the snake. Asian markets help with this sometimes.
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