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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
I can make changes to the case, and 3' vice 2' would be doable.
Do it, your snake will most likely be calmer in the wider enclosure.

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
The only snake I have that does this is my CA Striped just sidles up when I'm cleaning, opens up its mouth, clamps down on the unsuspecting finger, lets go, and then moves on about its business. It's like, "this is my space, I'm in charge, and I can do what I want." The result is a few teeth marks, a bit of blood, and some cursing regarding the snake's ancestry.
Lol, you made me nearly spill a perfect cup of coffee. Thatís precisely what I do when the guys go after me again.

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