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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
This enclosure should be fine, personally I would prefer if the enclosure would be a little deeper/wider (3 ft instead of 2 ft) to give the snake more room to keep itís distance to you and feel more secure, but the size should be OK.
I can make changes to the case, and 3' vice 2' would be doable.

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
I got my snakes as semi adults, they were about two years old when I got them. Usually I donít try to tame my snakes, with most of them it wouldnít do any good to begin with. They get used to the daily routine maintenance work, mainly the daily spraying of water. Most of my arboreal snakes (not specifically Gonyosoma) calm down after some time and donít flee or get defensive as soon as they see me. But trying to handle them on a regular basis would put them under stress, so I donít do it.
My Taiwanese Beauty doesn't like the harder water spray setting I sometimes use, vice the misting setting on my bottle, and will try to take off outside the cage. I sometimes let it go and then collect the snake when I'm done. No bites yet due to that.

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
Sometimes my Gonyosoma will use my arm as a climbing branch during the water spaying, as long as they donít move to far from there I let them do it and move them carefully back into their enclosure when I am finished with spraying water. Occasionally I will get one snake out during feeding time when they start to work themselves up into a ďfeeding frenzyĒ, this snake will use my hand as a useful branch during eating.

So in other words, my snakes are used to my presence and are usually calm, but sometimes you get a nib anyway for no obvious reason.
The only snake I have that does this is my CA Striped just sidles up when I'm cleaning, opens up its mouth, clamps down on the unsuspecting finger, lets go, and then moves on about its business. It's like, "this is my space, I'm in charge, and I can do what I want." The result is a few teeth marks, a bit of blood, and some cursing regarding the snake's ancestry.
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