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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

Really nice animal.

However, I have an issue with your intended enclosure size.

Gonyosoma is an active snake which likes to climb, so you should provide it with a tall enclosure. If you give it lot of room (like as much space as you can afford) it will repay you with an active behavior during daytime which will be much more interesting as any TV program. An enclosure of 5 x 3 x 5 ft would be good for a pair and your snakes might even be calmer because they can keep their distance to you during maintenance etc.

If this enclosure you intend to use is opening at the top you (and your snake) might have another problem. If they have the opportunity they will stay in the highest branches of your enclosure and will seldom come to the ground. If you open the enclosure from above the snake, it will react from panic flight to fight-to-the-death defense. For a snake, especially for a arboreal snake anything coming from above is a BAD thing (think birds of prey).

My recommendation would be to get a tall enclosure at least of the size I mentioned above, which is front opening (sliding glass doors or opening like the ExoTerras). This will provide your snakes with enough room to keep itís distance from you and you can work below it, so your snake can watch you doing the maintenance from above. I offer the food from below the snakes as well, so they can strike at the mouse from an above position.

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