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Re: My female Woma python is one of the most beautiful i ever saw :D

Patrick, she's the most beautiful woma I have ever seen too (we won't tell Ophelia).

DJC, dropping the price on animals can actually be a disservice both to the breeder and investors. Not only is it less profitable for the breeder who put such effort into producing quality animals, it scares off other people who would like to breed them. Once a breeder drops their price buyers get wise to that and won't want to pay more for other people's animals, thus driving the price down across the board. Once that bar is lowered serious breeders / investors are less likely to buy those animals because they see that the market for them is dropping and aren't sure they'll get a decent return by the time they've put their own hard work into raising and breeding them.

Thus it doesn't bother me when I have to pay top dollar for top quality / rare snakes. Well, it bothers me when I can't come up with the money but I can't fault the breeder one bit for it. It's a good thing for the hobby to keep breeders paid well enough to fund their hobby or make a living. If they couldn't, they'd have to stop and we as customers wouldn't have much to buy. Food for thought.
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