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Re: My female Woma python is one of the most beautiful i ever saw :D

Originally Posted by Captain837 View Post
There are inexpensive womas available however Womas are kind of like Jungle carpets in the sense that there is a huge difference in quality form one to another. Also like JCP's who have drastic changes in look as they age, adorable babies can grow up to be bland muddied looking adults. It is only through selective breeding that you get quality hatchlings that will look as good as adults as well. A breeder who takes the time to selectively breed for a specific look and to provide pictures and documentation of adults is not going to be selling inexpensive animals. I cannot see the price going much lower (for quality animals anyway) or the breeders who focus on these guys will turn their attention to animals that command a higher price.
It is ok to be in the hobby just for the sake of being in the hobby however it is also ok to want to at least turn some profit. In my opinion there is no profit to be made selling snakes for less than a few hundred dollars when you are selectively breeding stuff on a small scale.
If you would like some examples of what I am talking about, check out some of the woma projects with Jon's Jungle and Derek Roddy. Not just the hatchlings either, check out their adults. Then simply google woma pictures and you will see the clear difference in quality.

I noticed that as well. My female woma gets more and more stunning and has same pattern she had as juvenile. All of this breeder are that way. While most others womas i know from friends looked similar like my female as hatchling but do look nothing like her now.
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