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Re: Gopher Snake Questions

How do I determine sex? Is it similar to a hognose where its obvious?

No not obvious, females are typically larger in colubrids but that's more of a generalization than a rule. It's really not necessary if you don't plan on breeding.

How big should a 10 year old gopher snake be?

Depends on the subspecies, 4 1/2 to 6ft lengthwise.

Is it normal for a snake to make small hissing noises when handling? I'm worried about RI, but it never makes those noises in the tank.

Hissing is a semi-common thing for gopher snakes, pine snakes and bull snakes which are all related.

Should a snake be taken to a vet regularly?

I've never taken a snake to a vet. However I would if I had to.
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