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Re: Lighting for Plant Growth

Well jungle dawns are good to about 30cm/1' light to canopy for half shade loving plants. The only difference between the wattage's is basically the area's that they cover, not the distance they are effective. Due to their beam angle (120 degrees) they lose power fast.

Those CFLs or T8/T5 UVb lights aren't the best for plant growth. Their spectrum is just not very suited as they have 5 mercury spikes but not a good continuous spectrum like LEDs or Incandescent lighting. Also most 5500 - 6500K LED lights with sufficient lumens will be good for plants (2000 lm is about as bright as shadow is on a summer day outdoors), you don't have to pick jungle dawn, they'll all have the same spike in the blue spectrum that is critical to plants and deliver more or less the same in the rest too, they are however lacking in the red, so don't expect much blooming.

Ps. you can get those tincman lights for much cheaper (as well as the JD)... there lots of chinese vendors with exactly those products (few $ a piece just a min order of 10 pcs or so). I can try and dig up the distributor, but people had a lot of success with them, though I haven't any personal experience with them at this point.
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