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Re: Gopher Snake Questions

Originally Posted by TheOfficialTiny View Post
I generally don't post in forums but I felt there were some questions I needed answered about my gopher snake. My dad brought me a gopher snake home almost 10 years ago now (can't believe its been that long) and I've always been paranoid about taking care of it right. (not sure of sex) My dad generally is who handled it through the years because I lacked self confidence but I'm over that. So I have a few questions about it:
How do I determine sex? Is it similar to a hognose where its obvious?
How big should a 10 year old gopher snake be?
Is it normal for a snake to make small hissing noises when handling? I'm worried about RI, but it never makes those noises in the tank.
Should a snake be taken to a vet regularly?
I never considered myself a reptile collector but I'm going to have to add a hognose snake soon because they are just so adorable.
Sorry for the novel but I've never gotten any good answers from my local reptile shops.
Sex is hard to tell with gopher snakes, to the untrained person it can be dangerous. I recommend you have a experienced herp vet do it for you. A 10 year gopher should be anywhere from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet. There are always exceptions however. Gopher snakes are usually pretty vocal and that isn't too much to worry about. If you are concerned, I recommend a yearly vet trip.
I am no expert. I’m just knowledgeable in reptiles, I’ll do my best to help you.
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