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Re: Colombian Rainbow Boa Wonít Eat. Tried Everything. Need Help.

Originally Posted by Umbrax View Post
So, Iíve got some good news, well I guess you could consider it good news. After offering a mouse today after waiting a week, he ran away from it as usual, but then an hour later I found him soaking in his water boal shedding his skin again. That explains a hell of a lot. He had already shed once 2 weeks ago, so Iím suprised he went into shed again so quickly. That might explain why he hasnít had an interest in food for atleast the last week. Iím gonna try again in 2 days and see if he accepts the mouse now that heís shed.
Oh, can't believe I forgot to mention that. My male doesn't eat in shed anymore as well as one of my other snakes. I was surprised he wasn't eating cause everything seemed good except the repeated offerings. I hope he eats for you now!
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