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Re: Colombian Rainbow Boa Won’t Eat. Tried Everything. Need Help.

Originally Posted by Umbrax View Post
Ok sorry for the delay in answering. Had some stuff going on. The lamp is just a metal lamp I picked up from home depot with a 75W night time heat bulb in it. I'm using the lamp because the ambient temp in my home is usually only 69-70, and the heat pads alone can only heat the hot spot to around 75-76. The lamp allows me to hold the hot spot at around 85. It is controlled by the thermostat just like the mats, so it turns on and off periodically. I am trying to feed white fuzzy mice, I've tried ones that were about 2-3 inches, and ones that were a little smaller. Neither have shown any interest. I feel if I took a picture the camera would make the mice look bigger/smaller than they actually are. If my house was hotter, I wouldn't be using the heat lamp, but my family prefers the temp to be around 70. I try too feed only at night time and heat the mouse up prior. Yes, he does flick his tongue.
If you can I would advise leaving your heat mats on the thermostat and putting your lamp on a tabletop dimmer so that the temperature is steady and the lamp won't be turning on and off, the constant on and off can cause your bulbs to blow very quick. I guess my main advice would be to cut back to offering ever 7 days and if you are really worried you can try live. Try leaving the mouse in the enclosure overnight as well, he may be a little shy and not want to eat around you. I ask for a photo of the mice next to the snake to see if they are too big or too small for the snake is all.
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