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Re: Colombian Rainbow Boa Won’t Eat. Tried Everything. Need Help.

Originally Posted by DJC Reptiles View Post

I will try not to talk about Brian Barczyk because that's not what this question was about, we can have a separate topic about that later. I don't see any major husbandry issues with your snakes enclosure. I would however recommend that you lower the humidity in his cage to ~65%. Colombian rainbow boas are well known to thrive in humidities much lower then what you would supply for a Brazilian raibow boa. This probably wouldn't cause the snake not to eat, but high humidity could cause a respiratory infection later if not dealt with properly. It looks like you provide a light in your snakes cage, may I ask what kind and how often is it on?
Statements were made during the flow of the thread that I felt the need to address and they centered around BHB. There are issues the OP wanted answers to and several members addressed them. 65% humidity percentage for a hatcling / juvenile Columbian Rainbow boa is too low, period. They don't thrive in sub optimal humidity percentages. It actually can contribute to inappetance as well as other illnesses. I'm pretty sure that I am staying on topic.

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