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Re: Red ackie monitor

Originally Posted by murrindindi View Post
Hi, it`s genuinely nice to see you posting again, but please do not refer other beginners to "your" caresheet which contains some seriously poor advise. Rodents per se are NOT "essential" for most monitor species, though obviously they can form a decent percentage of the captive diet for some.
You have already mentioned that you do not have any personal experience keeping any varanid species, surely that means everything you suggest is pure hearsay?
Instead of offering advise at this time, why not learn more by asking questions and perhaps getting some of that "personal experience"? Thanks!
Sorry you feel that way, but whole prey such as rodents is not "essential". I believe supplying them in a diet would result in a healthy monitor with a mix of dubias and mealworms.Yeah, I won't link my care sheet anymore until I refine it, that was my mistake. I understand there will be people disagreeing with me, and that's fine. But my point was, Ackie monitors should never be kept on a diet purely consisting of rodents because that will result in an unhealthy overweight animal. Certain monitor species are more adapt to eat just rodents as adults, but even then, 80% of the time your going to get an obese animal. Canned diets consisting of turkey, lean meats, and such, are often one of the worst ways to go because you can never be completely sure your animal is getting the right amount of nutrients. And you're right, I don't keep monitors, what I say is not expert opinion, and is only based off of my studying this species. I never recommend that a person only follows advice from one source because there are a many different "right" ways to take care of an animal. I am only on this at this point to help and learn, and gain that personal experience.
I am no expert. I’m just knowledgeable in reptiles, I’ll do my best to help you.
“The Only Difference Between Fear and Respect is Knowledge”(Daniel Jensen).
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