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Re: Colombian Rainbow Boa Won’t Eat. Tried Everything. Need Help.

Originally Posted by Umbrax View Post
Ok ill try the black sheets. As for the bhb thing, i know bhb has got some issues with their care, but i watched brians blog and saw that he was very passionate about his reptiles. Also, they were the only ones that had CRBs in stock, otherwise i wouldve chosen another breede just because i personally prefer buying from smaller breeders because the massive breeders tend to lose quality as the amount of animals increases. Not always, but i see it a lot. Anyways, ill post an update soon letting you all know if hes eaten or not. Thanks a bunch for the help.
Once your husbandry is tweaked to the correct humidity and hide size just give the animal time to adjust to the enviornment. Triple check the temps and humidity daily until the animal begins to take food. Since he is a new acquisition it's always a good thing to refer back to the breeder for specifics when things arise concerning health and welfare of a animal that was purchased. It's not like he came from a big box store, you got him from a respected and reputable breeder.
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