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Re: Colombian Rainbow Boa Won’t Eat. Tried Everything. Need Help.

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
All I have to say about this Albert is I invite you to look into how he keeps his monitors, giants, and cribos for your own reference. The husbandry issues and lack of space for those specific species is really inexcusable and a prime example of what TRD is talking about. Grossly obese, nose rub and mouth rot all due to lack of space. I know Brian's got a target on his back because he is a bigger name in the hobby and perhaps not all of what people say is true about him, but this is. It may work for a lot of colubrids and some smaller boid species, but there are errors being made and it comes down to the dollars and cents.
Andy, I have been dealing with Brian for years. He has quality animals and if there are isolated issues with some people I can stand up and say it's bound to be a few. Grossly obese, nose rub, mouth rot and lack of space? Really? I doubt that. He's very well accomplished and a national and internationally known and respected breeder who I know has a handle on his collection. If there were gross inadequacies in his husbandry I am sure he would be on top of it.
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