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Re: Lighting With Little Heat

Either lower wattage bulb, or a dimmer type thermostat. Anyway, how 'hot' does it get in there? I don't know the dimensions in gallon, but google tells me it's about 13" high. In that case a 25-30W bulb seems more appropriate. 60 is definitely too much to run full power in that space.

PS. snakes don't die from UV otherwise there wouldn't be any in the wild, it's all about proportions and providing space without UV (ie- only half the space is lighted with UV). Also note that milksnakes can see UV light, so "not so bright for you" =/= "not so bright for the snake". But, UV lights (tubes/CFLs) don't give off heat. You get to MV/HID lighting which will give heat+UV, but they get far too hot for such a small place.

In any case, you have an albino snake, so if you ever get the idea to add UV, make sure it's very low powered. Similar to albino humans, they can't stay in sunlight all that long. I provide UV for my snakes, but not to my albino nelson. The eyes are just far too "glassy" with lack of pigment that I have serious doubt it will be of any good, in her case I took a road of better safe than sorry. She already dodges bright light sources.

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