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Re: Tiny black bugs?

Originally Posted by Shauna0522 View Post
So take her to a vet? My daughter and i looked her over really good and didn't see any type of little poppy seed looking spots black or otherwise. Yes TRD only one snake/reptile and I've only had her for 2 months.
I wouldn't worry then, snake mites can easily be found on the head parts (around eyes, nostrils) or the vent. They can walk over the snake, or hide under the scales. I'm not sure what you have seen, maybe not snake mites. In 2 months time, you'd definitely see mites now if the snake had them when he came in... they multiply every 28 days or so (depending on some factors).

I treat my snakes with Frontline Spray (yes the stuff for cats & dogs) if I have to, works wonders, and far less hassle then other treatments. Just spray on a paper towel, and rub a thin layer over the snake's whole body, use caution around eyes/mouth, of course. Use a smaller item, like an ear swap if you have to reach some tricky parts with smaller snakes. Never spray directly on the animal. Let it dry (takes about 4-5 minutes, you can smell when it's dry as the smell goes away) and put the snake back. Remove water for 24 hours as mite infested snakes like to soak. After that the stuff remains active for 60-90 days or until a shed, and is water proof. Enough to break the mite cycle, and no danger to the snake (fipronil, the active ingredient, won't go through the skin in high enough amounts to pose any danger). You could spray around the terrarium if you're afraid any mite may go wonder to other reptiles.

So far I have never had to repeat the treatment, and no ill effects noticed on any snake.
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