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Re: Red ackie monitor

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Ackie Monitors are a fantastic species to keep. They can be maintained on a pure rodent diet but, it can be pretty unhealthy for them to do so. I would not recommend keeping them on a pure rodent diet, ackie monitors in particular thrive on a diet of roaches and crickets. Without those things in their diet it can be hard to maintain them properly. If you can't feed insects I wouldn't recomend keeping ackie monitors. Insects provide vital sources of nutrition without the worry of extra fats and fur. Rodents are essential in the diet of most monitors, but, in my opinion should not be the only thing you feed ackie monitors (although there should be some rodents in their diet). If you are serious about getting one, I highly suggest you start to breed a dubia roach colony, they are easy to maintain and not problematic. You should never get an ackie monitor just because they look "cool" be aware that these lizards are very intelligent and should be given the best care possible. There should never be short cuts that are better for you and not your animal. For any more information please check out my ackie monitor care sheet.
Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, but insects are very important in the diet of Ackie and most monitors especially as hatchlings. Ackie's can be maintained on a pure rodent diet, but the end result can be an unhealthy overweight animal. They should be allowed to hunt for insects in their own enclosure, as this allows them to exercise and have a bit of fun. Do you mind me asking why you don't want to use insects?
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