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Re: Colombian Rainbow Boa Won’t Eat. Tried Everything. Need Help.

I'll post a picture when I get home from work today, but I can give you some info on how it's setup until then. Its a 10 gallon glass aquarium with a mixture of cyprus mulch and sphagnum moss as the substrate (about 1 inch so he can burrow). The humidity in my house is already 60-70% so by misting in the morning and night I can keep humidity constantly above 80%. Yes I am aware that glass tanks aren't recommended, and originally I had him in an 110 qt rubbermaid tub but I temporarily moved him to the smaller glass tank to help him feel more secure, and I'll move him back to the tub once he gets a little bit bigger and starts eating. As far as I can tell he isn't loosing any weight, I don't have a scale to measure though. One thing I have noticed is that he's not really using his mouth at all. He's almost too docile I guess? It's hard to explain. When I first got him he snapped at everything that moved, but now, he wont even attempt to bite me If my hand is right in front of his face. Usually you'd consider this a good thing, but its got me worried there might be something wrong with his mouth or jaw. I also almost never see him out of hiding, and I've never seen him drink or soak in his water bowl. For heating I've got 2 small zoomed heat pads covering about half the cage, but they don't heat the cage up enough so I've also got a purple/red heat lamp pointed towards the hot spot. All of the heating equipment is connected to a thermostat set to 85 F. Oh, and every time I try to offer him a mouse, he runs away from the mouse and tries to get out of the enclosure. I'd assume this is stress related? I've got 2 hides, one log hide on the warm side, and one DIY hide made out of tupperware with a fake plant inside of it on the cold side.
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