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Re: King Snake got out...

Like I said, I'm keeping an eye on her. She seems okay thus far. After having worked with reptiles (for a job), I've made it a habit to take precautions to prevent transfer of diseases and whatnot, and it's carried over to my pet care as well. Even while she was out, the only other animals she could've come across were the dog and the tortoise (although I don't think she ever made it over that way). The apartment stays at about 73F. Of course she was cooler than usual when I grabbed her, but still active and alert as ever. I'm thinking that if she was in the fridge, she probably stayed pretty warm. I also don't spray the house for bugs or anything like that.

On another note...nothing has changed with her. She sees me walking by her enclosure and she follows. She is constantly on the lookout for food. I just fed her two days ago and she's was giving me that look again last night. She's definitely the best eater I have, which probably explains why in the year I've had her (will be a year on the 10th) she's grown a lot. I'll post pics soon.

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