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Rosy boas. Calm, slow, easy to handle even as babies (corns and kings tend to be wiggly or nippy for awhile), almost never bite except feeding response accidents when rodent smell is present, and have lots of locality colors as well as a few morphs that are easy to find online or along the west coast. For something a little bigger and more active African house snakes get overlooked. The brown is the easiest to find but with some searching the group of species has a huge diversity in spots, stripes, and even somewhat shape with the bug eyed striped house snake (Boaedon lineatus). They are still hardy to conditions, easy to care for, and tame easy even when wild caught but are more active and while more slender than even a corn snake get up to 5' instead of the 2-3' of rosy boas. Harder to find though. I was just checking what was available and the bulk sellers usually only have brown so a breeder devoted to the species would probably need to be located instead.
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