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Re: PVC/plastic cages

For my house snakes I usually use exo-terra glass vivs but I use pvc for my ball pythons and like it. I got my pvc vivs from Constrictors NW a while ago and they've held up fine. I heat mine with radiant heat panels but I've heard of some people using heat tape with pvc cages. Another company I know a lot of people go through is Animal Plastics. Be careful selecting a model with sliding doors because depending on the size of your house snake they may be able to squeeze out. Take the same care with the ventilation holes. You may need to put some sort of mesh over them.

Size would depend on whether you've got a male or a female house snake. With how small male house snakes are even the smaller pvc vivs with a 2ft by 2ft footprint would work for one.
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