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PVC/plastic cages

Bare with me if this post doesn't make sense. I didn't sleep all that well and it caught up with me.

So originally I was going to get one of those vivs with the sliding screen tops for Thor, my cape house snake, so I didn't have to strap the lid down like I'm doing in his temp tanks. But then I remembered those screen lids will not hold up to my dumbass kitten (she's over a year but still kittenish), speaking from personal experience many years ago with a similar type tank and my room mates cat -_- Cat caved in lid and sand boa got out. Found the boa not long after but with a house snake I could see him disappearing.

The plan now is to save up for a PVC/plastic cage. I could go for a tub but I'd rather have a nice display tank for him.
Anyway, my questions:
What brands do you like/have been happy with?
How do you heat yours? Would it work with a UTH? Again I worry slightly about using a lamp with dumbass kitten haha.
What size should I look to get from an adult cape house snake? I've got an idea just want to see what other use.

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