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Re: How often to feed a Kenyan Sand Boa?

on average my babies (under 1 year) took a meal every 7 (actually just over 7) days
my adults took a meal every (almost) 18 days. I try feeding them every 14 days though, but they skipped some mainly in the months Jan to Apr.

The meal of the adults is about 6-8% of their weight, not 10-15% like some high metabolism colubrids get. Babies took 1 pinkie of about 3-4 gram every 7 days, I tried feeding multiple but they never took more as babies (did when crossing 1 year though). Neither has eaten for me when in shed, neither has eaten for me when outside the enclosure. I had only 1 or 2 strike feedings from adults (from beneath the substrate when I knew where the head was). They are very shy in general.

Hope this info helps you somehow in what to expect. Individual snakes may still differ, females will also eat more regular than males as Magdalen said above.

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