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Re: King Snake got out...

Update: Still haven't found her. However, I think she may be up inside the fridge. I've been home studying for finals a lot over the past week, and two or three times I've heard something in there that sounds like it's coming from the fridge area (but didn't sound like the ice machine). Each time had been when I was sitting here studying for a while in the quiet, and all of the sudden I heard something loud enough to catch my attention, but it's still somewhat subtle. I was pushing it off as me just trying to make something out of nothing, until my girlfriend brought it up, and said she'd heard some small noise twice over the past couple days come from over there. Both times she said she had been in the living room watching tv when she heard it.

I'll keep everyone updated. I tried leaving a f/t rat in a minnow trap next to the fridge to no avail. I may try to just leave one under the fridge and if she takes it I'll at least know she's definitely there.
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