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Re: Tiny black bugs?

Could be snake mites or bedding mites. Snake mites burrow under the scales and suck blood from your snake like tiny ticks. Bedding mites are annoying but otherwise harmless.

Does your snake spend a lot of time soaking in her water dish or rubbing against cage furnishings? If so, she could be itchy from bites and trying to drown or scrape off the snake mites. Finding lots of the little boogers in the water dish makes me suspect that's the case.

Bedding mites are *usually* red and spend most of their time off the snake. You might see one scramble over the snake but then they're off and running.

Snake mites will mostly stay put and you'll often find them around your snake's eyes, vent or underneath scales. They look like little poppy seeds. They are commonly but not always black.
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