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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

The good news is that either one you go with will be on mice it's entire life. I've had hamsters/rodents in the past (currently own 3 rats), and I haven't had an issue with feeding frozen/thawed at all. I just view it as food.

For a change of pace though, I'd like to share my personal experiences with you. I currently own both western hosnoses and a Kenyan sand boa. They both are fairly different behavior wise.
With my Kenyan Sand Boa, it looks like I just own a tank full of sand most of the time. While both species like to hide and burrow, I see my western hognoses more often than I do my sand boa. They're both not really display species though. I've had some feeding issues with both of them at the start. I have to put my sand boa in a small container with a pinky for him to eat. I tried this method with my hognoses, and it only worked for one of them. I find it best to just leave the pinky in their hide for a day, as I haven't come back to discover an uneaten one yet. My sand boa is a lot more relaxed with handling. He'll just cruise around trying to find a spot to hide or burrow into. My hognoses are a different story. They'll hiss, puff out, and strike out with their snoots. It took me a while to get over their defensive behavior and stop flinching every time they struck out. Biting, however, is not part of their defensive behavior. I haven't been bitten by either of the ones I own. They have, with time, calmed down a bit as well. Either one is a great choice, and I wish you good luck with whichever one you pick.
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