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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

Mice are the worst for allergies. I get an asthma attack just breathing too close to the box when I open it for a live feeder. Luckily I very rarely need a live mouse. I ended up setting off my allergies so bad with an attempt to breed mice that eventually I got rid of everything but the chinchillas. The south american rodents aren't as bad and the chinchillas don't use bedding like the guinea pigs. I still didn't get full relief from my bronchitis until I stripped the rooms of guinea pig bedding dust. I've raised cat and dog food as rabbits, guinea pigs, quail, chickens, gerbils, hamsters, and then added rats and attempted to add mice to that for the snakes so not really an issue for me. It was hard to snip the head off the first quail. I had to cover it in a paper towel and just smash it down in the sink. I stood there for awhile before I could look. That was 100s of quail and rabbits ago. I feel nervous about a new method to put them down or a new species but as soon as I know they will die immediately without any real risk of failure I don't have a problem with it. Many things already die to make commercial dog food, cat food, many other things I have to buy, and any meat a human eats. I know how mine lived and I know the last moments when they died with never a question of how humane it was. It's just normal now. With some recovery and the rooms stripped of irritants I might try ASF because their urine production and bedding needs are more like gerbils so they set off allergies less than rats or mice. I just had to wear a dust mask cleaning the gerbil cages out. They can colony breed and with larger litters than gerbils though. I just couldn't produce enough gerbils consistently.
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