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Re: King Snake got out...

Originally Posted by jjhill001 View Post
For those with escapist issues I highly recommend checking out the zilla sliding screen lid tanks. If its closed its physically impossible for a snake to get out of those enclosures which is why I've only ever had the two and both were my fault due to being in a rush.
I had a dekay brown snake wiggle out a sliding lid when the latch didn't quite catch after it was slid shut. It's hard to see if the tab has dropped down or not because it's such a tiny difference between being on the rim of the sliding lid versus past it to the screen so it's locked in place. Slim little things. He also slipped out a vent hole in a plastic container. He always just sat on top after escaping or I doubt I ever would have found him. I went to move a light on top of the 10gallon with sliding lid and there he was tangled around the cord.

My rosy boa is my escape artist. She was perfectly content for a year and then I put a corn snake nearby in the room and found tank lid clips are not sufficient. She refused to stay in her tank after that. 4 bricks later to hold every corner of the hinged lid she's finally stuck. The corn snake escape was my husband building a custom lid for a bow tank and the bull snake escape was because it turned out the 75gallon we bought with the snake thinking we had a lid that fit turned out to be 21" wide and 18" tall instead of the reverse. We tried to temporarily setup the lid for the night until we could make a frame to fill the extra space and again my husband miscalculated the ability of a snake to fit through a gap.
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