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Re: King Snake got out...

Originally Posted by dannybgoode View Post
I've had a few escapes and they've always turned up eventually. Check *everywhere* - two off mine turned up in drawers that were closed so how they got in I don't know.

Another turned up when I pulled the lever on a recliner chair and she was in the foot rest mechanism (had to be careful with that one!).

Another had gone under the floorboards and then through a hole that carried the plumbing and had got into a small high up cupboard.

They'll get anywhere that they can but they always turn up.
Hahaha, my brother found my gopher snake about 10 years ago with the recliner method. He flipped backwards and screamed like a little girl it was hilarious.

I've had two escapees both from me just leaving the top open like an idiot. The baby corn snake (my first purchased snake ever dang near 20 years ago) I never found, it was the middle of winter and we never smelled anything dead, literally no idea what happened.

And the gopher snake from the recliner story.

For those with escapist issues I highly recommend checking out the zilla sliding screen lid tanks. If its closed its physically impossible for a snake to get out of those enclosures which is why I've only ever had the two and both were my fault due to being in a rush.
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