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Re: King Snake got out...

I've checked everywhere I said, it's a small apartment. Now I know that doesn't mean she's not somewhere obvious and I missed her. I'm going to be baiting the bedroom and the kitchen. Her tank is in the bedroom so I'm thinking she's still in there somewhere. It's low to the ground, so I'm leaving the tank open with the UTH on so maybe she'll make her way back in for some warmth. The main reason I'm baiting the kitchen is because if she slid under the bedroom door (which is definitely an option), she could travel against the wall through the open door to the living room/kitchen area, and she could be up in the fridge, dishwasher, or under the cabinets.

My concern is that she travelled to the small closet with the water heater. It would've been a pretty tight squeeze for her to get under that door. There some sort of hole behind it. I can't get back there to see where it leads though. I think the chances are slim that she went in there but I'm really hoping she didn't get back there because if she went down that hole, she could be gone for good for all I know.
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