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King Snake got out...

Well, my female Florida King has escaped (again). This is the third time. My record of snake escapes was flawless until I got her. The first time I walked in the room right as she was getting out. The second time took about 30 minutes and then I found her in the dresser drawer a couple feet away from her tank.

This time, no luck after a hard search. She's pushing 4 feet so she's not super small. I left town yesterday morning and got back tonight to find her gone, so there was about an 18 hour window when she could have gotten out. Between the time I left and got back she shed and pooped. The poop was pretty fresh so I'm thinking she probably escaped only a couple hours before I got back.

I live in a small apartment and as far as I can tell there are no ways for her to escape the apartment. Now, her getting into things like the fridge, dishwasher, etc. are still on the table, although I'm not sure she would've made her way out the bedroom to the kitchen (although I'm not ruling it out). I'll be searching intermittently every day, as I have finals so I need to stay focused on that. She loves her food, so I'm placing a couple rats out on the floor in an attempt to catch her while she's searching, and she's always starving after a shed. It's cooling down here in Louisiana (although not getting really cold), so I'm thinking she may veer towards the indoor redfoot tortoise enclosure since it has heat lamps on it 24/7.

Anyway, not really posting this for any reason besides venting. Although I think I'll find her, I'm hoping it's sooner than later.
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