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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

I'm one of those that keeps pet rats AND snakes that eat rats. I never feed live rats--just can't do it--and don't breed them for the same reason. I feed frozen / thawed rodents from Big Cheese Rodent Factory. Once I got over the "OMG those poor little critters!" reaction upon first seeing ratscicles and mousescicles and started regarding them as pet food it was easier. I love my pet rats and see them totally differently than I view the frozen ones in the package that are food items. I have to or I couldn't feed my snakes.

I used to feel just as bad for the mice until I tried breeding them just because we HAD to save money somewhere. They weren't like our clean, smart, friendly rats at all. They were little savages. They bit, they pooped in their food, one female bit the testicles off a male, they reeked and were none too bright. But when my husband came home from a job and started choking from an allergic reaction I had to kill the entire breeding colony. I didn't think I cared but I still cried. Not sorry to be back to buying F/T, though the sticker shock is still a factor. Oddly enough DH isn't allergic to our rats.

Anyway, it does get easier with time and desensitization.
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