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Re: feeling guilty about feeding

Honestly, feeding was hard for me starting off as well, it is a shame because I actually like mice and rats. I look on it from the point of, if you buy them humainly killed with carbon dioxide it helps to know they never expierenced any pain. Make sure you buy frozen thawed, that helps starting out as well. At this point, even though I still like mice and rats my love for snakes has suppressed that, and you will eventually get past it. I look forward to feeding my snakes, it is one of the main reason, if not the main reason why people keep snakes. Point is, if the mice or rats never feel pain, it would be okay with me. This is the best advice I can give starting out. But for me, my love for snakes would put me to start feeding live to some of my more picky animals. But most snakes, especially common ones like Kenyan sand boas will regularly and happily feed from frozen thawed mice in captivity, just make sure to dry them off to avoid substrate from entering the snake. (This usually doesn't matter if your animal is healthy).

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