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corey the man

Sleep over!!! glow in the dark mini putt? You guys are talking about the game right??? lol. Corey man, had an awesome time, you have an amazing collection, including the little monster that tried to bite my face, good reflexes saved my *** today man, thats for sure. Jeff's new guy is totally cool, he hasn't put the thing down all night. Don't worry man the reptile thing is only a matter of time for me and hey man, you are also welcome down in this neck of the woods anytime. If its drinking you want...prepare yourself i got an A++ in college in that about a little wager? My buddys and i use to play a game, it envolve 30 beers and two game if you also the grand champ...almost died playing the game a couple of times but somehow never learn...but thats another story..Thanks for having us. Shane&Aimee.
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