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Re: Aggressive/Scared King Snake

I have several Kings and some of the juveniles can be defensive but most of my adults aren't.

That being said, however, my Brown/White CA Striped King has this bad habit of slithering up and clamping down on my fingers, for just a second mind you, but it draws blood and leaves teeth marks for a few days. No strike, just a calm slither towards your hand, it opens its mouth, and then clamps down /bites and retreats. It's like a dog that bites and tests its bite, like a puppy does, to see how hard it can bite. I felt the pressure that last time, and it was like it was putting pressure on the jaws, just enough, to make sure it drew blood.

He's done this twice to two different fingers. Rather annoying, yet funny in its own way. I just laugh every time I think about it.

Oh, and it doesn't really hurt--it's just a few pin pricks and the trauma is over, except for the welling of blood...
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