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Re: LED or UV tube for pythons?

I see, thanks.

Well, from the readings alone the power UVB, assuming that there are no anomalies below 300nm, seems to be ok.

When used in a reflective fixture, make sure it's no closer than 40cm, rather 45cm, above the animal. If no reflector, then 20-25cm (I compared the output of this light against a 6% Arcadia as I don't have UVI graphs on this Pogoma light).

If there's a mesh screen (ie- 3mm or smaller) in front of the lamp, then UVb output is lowered by approx 30%, so that would be 20cm without reflector, or 35 with (yes, that's sometimes almost the same distance because UV fall off is not linear).

Make sure that around 50% of the vivarium receives no UV light, just like temperature, UV also requires a gradient. Provide plenty of hides, also on area's that are exposed to UV.

If these distances are too great, then perhaps look into T8 instead of T5HO.
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