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Re: LED or UV tube for pythons?

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So much Japanese
Thank you so much for all your valuable help! Pogona Club looks like a very small company run by enthusiasts. They don't even have a website, just a blog.

The Power UVB is designed for lizards and turtles, and to be used in conjunction with the Soft UV tube. It also says to run it for only 8 to 10 hours per day. Below are some manufacturer specifications (sorry about the poor image resolution!).

This graph shows no output below 280nm.

This one is slightly different:

So both graphs show a peak UVA/UVB output of 100μW/cm2 at around 315nm, which is much higher than was shown on the independently published graph I posted previously (around 45μW/cm2). Colour temperature is rated at 7700K and lifespan is 5000 hours.

The Soft UV tube is listed as UVA 30μW/cm2 and UVB 10μW/cm2. Colour temperature is rated at 6800K and lifespan is 5000 hours.

I can buy ZooMed tubes in Japan, but the only the T5HO fixtures are available and don't look like they would fit inside a vivarium. It might be something to think about for the future. is offline   Reply With Quote