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Re: LED or UV tube for pythons?

So much Japanese

So I seem to find only charts down to the UVb, at or about the 300nm range. I don't find any information on this light below 300nm -- which is basically the danger zone. Many lights, even from familiar manufactures like Zilla, give off the dangerous wavelengths of UVb (shoft wavelength UVb) as well as some lights still emitting UVc.

I find only info in Japanese, so it's a bit difficult.

The Power UVb seems to be OK, though it's output is rather strong and comparable to a Zoomed 10.0, which is much too strong for a snake unless you put the light 50cm or so above the animal. You should check it's spectrum below the 300 nm though, it should end at about 290, and should never go below 280nm. ****** bulbs give out a small spike of UVc, like this one:

source: Arjan Kassenberg, Reptile Lighting group (FB)

Or are much too strong in the UVb and pose dangers to reptiles, like this:

source: RAWG UV Tool - Mercury Vapour Lamps - Osram UltraVitalux

Not sure if importing from US/EU is an option.

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