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Unhappy feeling guilty about feeding

Hey, Im planning on getting either a kenyan sand boa or a hognose soon, this will be my first snake and Ive done research plenty of research for months and I believe that I am extremely qualified to own one, I'd be the perfect owner if it werent for the fact that I feel bad about feeding. Don't get me wrong, I know that these snakes require rats and mice etc as part of their diet and I biologically cant, and wont change that, but having owned a hamster I feel like I'd probably cry every time I'd feed. Does anyone have tips or tricks to get over this? I want a snake and I dont want to be sensitive towards feeding

another question which Ive debated with a friend, is that they say feeding a few pinkies is equivalent to feeding a mice, which in my opinion isnt true but ive never owned a snake so I can't be completely sure.

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