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Re: LED or UV tube for pythons?

Originally Posted by TRD View Post
That soft UV tube doesn't seem to have any significant UV at all (neither a nor b). The Arcadia and Zoomed seem to have the best spectrum to cover their vision.
The tube situation here seems ridiculous. All the fixtures are a set size, non-adjustable. The standard 20W size is 580mm, but only one company I can find makes UV tubes specifically for reptiles that length (the Soft UV and Power UVB tubes). I called another company today (HerpCraft) to see if their 594mm tube would fit in a standard base and they said no. They also said they didn't know what type of fixture their tubes will fit into! Why don't they just make them 14mm shorter!

ExoTerra used to make their tubes in standard Japanese sizes, but now only the international sizes are available. I think this is because more and more people are switching over to the twisty style bulbs for UVA/UVB and LED for lighting.

(Comparison of available tubes in post below....)

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