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Re: Canít get baby sand boa to eat, tried everything.

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
You picked this animal up on Oct 21st. When you made this post it is Nov 9th. That is a total of 19 days you've had the animal and you've attempted TEN different ways to offer food. That's an average of every two days! You're trying way too hard here.

My recommendation for people is to not offer food for 5 days after getting a new animal. Then offer a meal and only offer a meal once every 5 days. You should be consistent in your offering too. All these changes are just so much.

I would offer a live pinky mouse over night left in the enclosure. If it's not eaten by morning then wait 5 days and try again, maybe, and I say maybe put it in a small deli container.

100%. Slow down and give your snake a chance to settle before pestering it with food. This species has a very slow metabolism so don't panic.

Also...garlic is a new one for me...I don't understand even in theory how that would do anything...could someone explain it to me?
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