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Re: Canít get baby sand boa to eat, tried everything.

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
Wrong. Impaction is not a thing unless you have an unhealthy animal. Reptiles will pass substrate like anything else if they are healthy. There are no reasons to think this animal is unhealthy, aside from stress, right now.
Wrong? You took my advice out of context. I stated if there was a bulge at the end of the tail near the anal vent, that the animal may be impacted. There wasn't enough evidence to leave this theory out of the problem at all. Most likely it is not impaction, but it shouldn't be overlooked if the animal has a buldge, which is what I explained. Your right though, most likely this is a stress related accident and like Aaron S and I stated there shouldn't be any involvement with you and your snake for the first week, which means giving the animal time to acclimate to its environment.
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