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Re: Canít get baby sand boa to eat, tried everything.

I would highly recommend checking out a vet like you said, there is a chance that the person you got him from got him impacted. Try to see if you notice any bulge on the botton side of the snake where anal vent is located (should be pretty noticeable). If you do see a bulge try using warm water to help him pass any substrate through. If you do not see a bulge leave him in a small container with a live pinky mouse for the night, (you probably already tried this but it won't hurt to try again) the mouse won't be able to hurt him at this stage. Make sure your not holding your sand boa, they should have at least 5 days to acclimate to their environment, this includes no feeding for that time period as well. Please get back to me as soon as possible so I can help you further.

Hope this helps!
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