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Re: Aggressive/Scared King Snake

Originally Posted by zombiegurl3 View Post
Hello folks!
I am a newb!
But my florida king snake is about 6 years old as of lately he seems scared.
If I change his water bowl ( I am gentle and try to avoid making noise) he rattles his tail. When I do take him out he seems to be unsure or very curious he has bitten me and my bf and didnt let go. It was as if he was determined to get a chunk.

I have tried sitting near his tank so he can smell me before I handle him. I just think I am a bit scared to scare him and of getting bitten.

I do not want to give him away, I want my snake back!


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Hello Zombiegurl,

Before I can properly respond I need to ask some questions, then I can help you out. What are the temperatures on the hotspot, warm side, and cold side? Night time? What is the size of his enclosure? How often, and what are you feeding him? How often are you handling him? Is he in a new enclosure? Is there anything new in the room you keep him? Loud noises? I apologize if this is a lot, please respond to these so I can help you out, I hope we can find a peaceful solution to your snake.

Hope this helps,
-DJC Reptiles

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