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Re: Need Help With Snake's Reaction to Being Pet

Akane pretty much sums it up nicely. Snakes are 'petting' animals and get little from human interaction fill stop.

Mine are rarely handled - indeed the Madu retics I got in September still haven't been held other than to try and remove a rat in a bar from the females mouth.

I do appreciate though that people sometimes get snakes as a proper pet and want to hold them and cuddle them. In this case slow, calm movements always, try and keep away from the head and particularly at first keep handling sessions to 10-15 minutes once or twice a week.

Don't handle for at least 24 hours after feeding, preferably 48 hours and learn to read your snake. If it's looking stressed or scared (can be hard to judge admittedly) then put it back.

Every snake is different. My boa seems to tolerate pretty much any handling and I'll happily pass her around children and people who have little experience of snakes. My carpet python is ok but he starts to get flighty and nervous much quicker.

My little boy's black rat snake goes from being fine to bring very grumpy very quickly. I can see the mood change, my little boy is still learning (I've let him take a couple of bites so he can see what happens if he isn't concentrating on the mood of the animal).

My baby make your Madu retic is fine as well - very chilled. My female adult - only I will hold or someone else with good experience.

I don't believe in forcing the issue. Some people say if a snake strikes or gets defensive not to put it back as then the snake is 'rewarded' for this behaviour and will continue it. I don't believe in 'breaking' an animal's will like this and would rather earn its trust over time. If it gives me a clear indication it doesn't want to be held it goes back and I'll try again in a few days. None of my snakes have become unhandleable using this method.
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