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Re: Need Help With Snake's Reaction to Being Pet

Snakes don't really do petting. They'll adjust to being touched varying amounts with handling but it's not exactly "normal" to them. Holding on to one area, letting them wrap around you, crawling through your hands themselves, etc... becomes easily accepted but lots of movement while touching can make wiggly, irritated snakes. Lightly rubbing areas I want them to move is how I've irritated some into removing themselves from places they've lodged that are too tight or with multiple odd angles that make trying to forcefully get them out a risk for injury. Dang rosy boa that is a couple inches thick (she's turned into quite a sturdy thing despite her start in life and how often she decides to be picky about her food) weaved through maybe inch thick gaps of folded up layers of wire panels. I couldn't unfold the panels as they swing open and she was basically tying them together and pulling her when she's having to squish slowly in bits through the gaps would have done something bad. I had to just keep brushing fingers along her last 3rd while directing her head down my arm instead of back into the wire to get her to keep squishing herself out. Luckily she decided that when out weaving through the folded dog crates in the corner by the small snake cages is uncomfortable and sticks to wandering up the stack of smaller enclosures instead.
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