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Re: I think my snake eats too much - advice

Snakes can become very food aggressive, this is only normal. I would recommend using a snake hook, or a roll of paper towels to let the snake know it is not feeding time. This is what I do with my ball python. Once they know it is not feeding time they generally calm down. She currently is 710g and I am feeding her a small adult rat a week, and she is pretty happy all around. For your snake I would recommend you follow the same sort of schedule (if it is a ball python). Tone down the size of the rat and then feed once, or even every two weeks for an adult. I agree with EL Ziggy, the majority of ball pythons can be maintained and kept happy with just a medium adult rat every two weeks. Ball pythons are notorious for going off feed for several months so don't be to worried about feeding them too little. In fact, it is common to see overweight ball pythons in captivity.

Hope this helps!
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