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Re: Sluggish boa; need advice!

Originally Posted by Psidewindr View Post
Thank you so much for the reply. I was worried he had ingested substrate or that my feeding mistake had caused a problem (which it may have). But, as you thought might be the case, he went into shed about a week after I wrote the original post. He also had a large bowel movement right after. I was relieved. Well, we both were. Haha

I expected he would be rather hungry after this series of events, but he refused to eat the day after. Regarding prey size and feeding frequency, once he has swallowed the rat, there is no discernible bulge. Are you suggesting feeding every 3-4 weeks because he is big for his age or just as a general rule? Most of what I have read suggests 7-10 days.

He is very large for his, likely bigger than either of my 2.5 year olds (they're ~4' eating weaned or small rats every 3 weeks), but it's also because I'd normally feed a boa of that size every 3-4 weeks. My big adults only eat every 4-6 weeks and then have 3 months without food, so they eat max 9 meals a year.

He may just not be full, I'd continue waiting and offer in another few weeks. He'll shed any excess fat (visible or non-visible) with time on a proper diet.
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